Test our Heat lamp demo unit and feel the difference of Ceramic Window Film.

Why window tint?



Without tint, ordinary glass and even darker privacy glass do not provide the proper protection from the sun. With Window Film you can enjoy a more comfortable cabin temperature against the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare. No matter how much time you spend in the car, you deserve the protection with a film that performs to todays environment and driving conditions.

Important Info About installation and care

-How long do I have to wait to roll my windows down? 

2-3 days before rolling the windows down.

-Does the window film go on the inside? 

Yes, in all automotive your window tint will be applied to the inside. On occasion residential and commercial applications use exterior film, in most cases they are interior as well.


-I see some ripples or bubbles right after installation, is this normal? 

Yes and No. You may notice when you pick your vehicle up the windows look like they have bubbles or see some distortion. This is normal and part of the drying process. The optical clarity will improve within a week.


Window Tint / Cosmetic Enhancement


A car with window tint is stylish and enhances the overall lines of your car.  It’s a great way to personalize your car, adding an image of sleek style for many years. 

-How dark can my windows be? 

FL legal limit on sedans is 28% on the front windows and 18% on rear doors and back glass. Trucks, SUV's, Vans, or Buses have to be 28% on the front two windows, but can be any percentage behind the driver seat.


-Which type of glass cleaner can I use after installation?

We recommend Invisible Glass and a clean microfiber towel. 

-Is there WIFI at your location to connect and work while my vehicle is serviced?

Yes, we have WIFI so you can also be productive while we work on your vehicle.

-How long does it take for installation? 

Most 4 door vehicles take 2-3 hours for installation, we think quality over quantity first.



A vehicle with window tint makes it harder for burglars to have a clear view of your car contents.

A vehicle with tinted windows has a  comfortable cabin temperature, allowing your AC to run less harder and save you on gas, providing the UV blocking protection needed under the Florida sun.

Heat Rejection / UV Protection


UV rays damages your interior. UV rays  breaks down leather and vinyl, fade colors and create heat inside the cabin, making it uncomfortable to keep your AC running smooth. Window Tint protects your vehicle from UV ray damage over the life of your vehicle.

If your car does not have window tint you are not fully enjoying your vehicle while driving.  

The most common cancer type occurs on the drivers left side, according to the American Cancer Association.